Episode 13: Justin Warfield

Justin Warfield is a musical artist and performer and a founding member of the band, SHE WANTS REVENGE.  He's also a filmmaker and screenwriter.  He grew up in the San Fernando Valley in the 70s and 80s in a family of both African American and Russian Romanian Jewish heritage, and this first episode of Season Two is a sort of love song to Los Angeles prior to the millennium. Justin got his first recording contract when he was only 16 years old.  His journey deep into the world of music and addiction and recovery is in many ways a long and ultimately successful quest for community.

Episode 14: Ian Harvie

 Ian Harvie is a very funny standup comedian, actor and writer.  He played "Dale" on the Emmy winning Amazon series, Transparent. He also hosts the podcast "How Did You Get Here." He is a trans* man, and our conversation about gender and identity is pretty illuminating. He was also wildly gracious and funny even as he was subjected to an inordinate amount of chaos in this interview. 

Episode 15: TJ Bowen

TJ Bowen is a recovery counselor working in Los Angeles.  I first met him when we worked together on the film A THOUSAND JUNKIES which he co-wrote and co-starred in with Tommy Swerdlow and Blake Heron. The film premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival and Blake died soon thereafter from a drug overdose.  TJ wrote a remembrance about Blake that is so beautiful and somehow captures the fleeting grace of sobriety. I asked him to read it at the end of our interview.

Episode 16: Casey Gleghorn

Casey Gleghorn is an artist and gallery director and curator who recently moved to Los Angeles from New York.  He is about to open a new gallery in LA called No gallery. The ferocity of the addiction he describes here is at once completely incomprehensible and instantly familiar.

Episode 17: Adele Hare

Adele Hare is a food service manager here in Los Angeles. She works in the fields of mental health and addiction and is currently studying to get her certificate in substance abuse treatment. Her story takes her to some pretty dark and funny places as she tries to fill that hole in her soul before finally re-connecting with some deeply buried innocence and finding a way to become an adult.  

Episode 18: Mark Christopher - Part 1

Mark Christopher grew up in a world of extreme privilege and then parlayed his connections and street smarts into a thriving weed empire.  Despite multiple brushes with death and the law, a wildly inflated sense of self kept him convinced he could manage an addiction that would eventually rob him of everything.

Epsiode 19: Mark Christopher - Part 2

In part 2 of this two part episode, Mark Christopher undergoes a transformation that is so unexpected and unconventional it feels radical and yet still bares all the markings of a traditional recovery.

Episode 20: Jackie Monahan

Jackie Monahan is a stand up comic, actor and writer whose current album THESE LIPS is available on Spotify. She shares some dark stuff in this interview but its really her infectious laughter you’ll remember.

Episode 21: Andrew Steckelmann

Drew Steckelmann is a DJ and barber living in Los Angeles. He grew up in Indiana where he grappled with alcoholism and his sexuality before moving to Chicago to help form the gay hip hop community movement Banjee Report.

Episode 22: Laura House

Laura House is a comedian and TV writer who has written on such well known shows as SAMANTHA WHO and MOM. She shares here the journey in recovery of searching for her birth mother and second family.

Episode 23: Lauren Morelli

Lauren Morelli is a costume designer who grew up in South Florida experimenting in a range of addictive behavior from an early age. At 17 she found herself on lockdown in state run rehab and somehow found a spiritually and sobriety there strong enough she has stayed sober ever since.

Episode 24: Demetrius Griffin

Demetrius Griffin is a native Angeleno whose long search for his tribe took him in and out of the Navy before landing him in the film business 15 years ago. He wrestled mightily with addiction in a relentless cycle of incomprehensible demoralization before finally finding his real people in the recovery community of LA.