Tommy Swerdlow

Filmmaker, actor and screenwriter, Tommy Swerdlow (The Grinch, Cool Runnings, Snow Dogs) shares the story of his twenty year addiction to heroin while working at the top of the Hollywood food chain, his eventual recovery and the movie he wrote, directed and starred in (A THOUSAND JUNKIES) about his life as a junkie living in LA.

John Lehr

John Lehr is the star and creator of TV shows like “Quick Draw” for Hulu and “10 Items or Less” for TBS. He’s an improvisational genius and more importantly a kind and generous man . He wears his wisdom so casually you might not notice.

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Bill Dixon

Bill Dixon is a stand up comic and TV producer. He ran the famous LA comedy show The National Midnight Society and is a producer on The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelorette. He overcame a lot to get here and it’s glorious.

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Stanley Stalford

Stanley Stalford, jr. is a lifelong Los Angeles native who got sober at a young age and went on to build a great company - Stalford Homes -and give back to the city he loves.  Somehow, he managed to stay out of the entertainment business but as this interview proves - truth is always stranger than fiction. 

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Eve LaDue

Former studio exec and independent producer, Eve LaDue, was a late bloomer in the addiction world, but then hit it hard and in the process discovered humility and grace.

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Zach Noe Towers

Comedian Zach Noe Towers who was recently selected for the New Faces showcase at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal shares his joy at discovering himself in sobriety. He’s also funny as shit.


Kevin McGahey

Kevin McGahey got sober young - 24 - went to film school and was enjoying a promising career in the entertainment biz when he got cold cocked with a brutal relapse that he miraculously pulled out of.


Shawn Michael Howard

Shawn Michael Howard is an actor, voice over artist and believer.


Fielding Edlow

Fielding Edlow is a standup comedian and writer. She is the lead actress and creator of the award winning web series, BITTER HOMES AND GARDENS. She hosts a monthly stand up show at the Improv in Hollywood called “Eat, Pray, Fuck.” She’s been sober 21 years and in this very human and funny interview talks about the long process of her recovery.


Annie Garrity

Annie Garrity is a perfectionist which makes her one of the best wardrobe supervisors in the business. She is also the parent of an autistic child which certainly in part spurred her toward sobriety.


Michael Sherman

Michael Sherman is an independent film producer whose most recent film, NATIVE SON, premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival where it sold to HBO. He has founded fashion companies and written screenplays and pilots. He has some great war stories to share.


Dixie Perkinson

Dixie Perkinson is an actor in TV, commercials and film. She has a blog called “Eat My Prune” where she tells the stories that no one really tells. She tells some darkly beautiful and funny ones, here.